Goodness of Pomegranate

Much has been said about the health benefits of Pomegranate Juice. We leave that to the experts. Once you taste this sweet delicious juice you are likely to forget about the health benefits, and savor the taste of this delicious and unique fruit juice. Children love its sweet taste!

Wash the pomegranate as well as your hands. Lay ripe pomegranate on its side so that the crown and bottom of fruit are parallel to the cutting board. 

Produces more juice per fruit than an orange.

Ready, Set, Juice

About The Pomegranate Juice Tool

This attractive kitchen hand tool allows the user to juice a fresh Pomegranate right in its own husk.  No complicated blender, food processor, or mixer is required.  This tool allows the user to pour the juice directly from the husk of the Pomegranate into the glass for immediate consumption.  Made in USA, the Pomegranate Juice Tool features a solid stainless steel blade.  The blade is produced here in the United States from US sourced stainless steel.  The blade is fastened to a T-handle using solid stainless steel connectors.  The T-handle, molded in the USA, is the color of Pomegranate making it easy to find in your kitchen gadget drawer.  The blade is easily removed from the handle by Phillips head screw driver.   Clean up by hand washing is suggested.   The head may be readily removed from the handle for cleaning or travel.  Head replacement is a breeze with the use of an ordinary Phillips head screw driver.

Exotic flavor is different than any other juice​

Delicious fruit

fresh squeezed

When Should You Drink It?

Orange juice has historically been America’s favorite fresh squeezed juice for breakfast.